The amazing made in Italy stretch fabric made of recycled materials

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Respect for the environment is a serious thing

Respect for the environment is a serious matter.

This is not just a slogan and has nothing to do with marketing.

It is a calling - as well as an obligation - that requires serious and constant commitment to the environment. Regarding the development of its fabrics, TESSITURA TAIANA VIRGILIO has set itself some very challenging goals for a more eco-friendly future and an environmental commitment, while moving away from simple marketing expedients.

The result of this philosophy can be found in concrete terms, through TAIANA, in the project called RELYFE, a further step towards a circular economy. RELYFE is not only a range of new generation fabrics but also a pioneering project that opens the way to a revolutionary idea of recycling a product of outstanding excellence.

In short, RELYFE tells the story of an Italian symbol of excellence that has operated out of respect for the environment since 1933. It recounts the story of a Company that got its start in one of the most beautiful areas of the world, well aware of just how important it is for the Organization to have the protection and conservation of the environment as its main aim. A story that has roots dating back to an ancient passion for the environment which the Lake Como region has always been identified with.

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